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Hear The Word of God

Hear God’s Word

As Christians, it is our hope that we can help and encourage others to follow the Word of God.  This page contains recent lessons, sound in the teachings of the scriptures to help you on your journey to heaven.   We encourage you to listen to these lessons.  If we can assist you in studying God’s Word, please contact us.  We would be glad to assist you in your walk with Christ.

Click on any title below to hear the designated lesson.

      03-08-20am - Kenny Traylor
      3-8-20pm - Joey Glisson
      03-01-20am - Stan Colley
      3-1-20pm - Joey Glisson
      02-23-20am - Called Christians - Lindon Ferguson
      2-23-20pm - The Cross - Joey Glisson
      02-16-20am - What Is This World Coming To - Lindon Ferguson
      02-09-20am - Do You Love God - Kenny Traylor
      2-9-20pm - Winning Battles In Everyday Life - Joey Glisson
      02-02-20am - Every Sunday Is Super - Kenny Traylor
      2-2-20pm - Sermon on The Mount - Part 2 - Joey Glisson
      1-26-20am - Grace - John Dale
      1-26-20pm - Sermon on The Mount - Joey Glisson
      1-19-20am -Serving in The Marketplace of Life - John Dale
      1-12-20am - What's Your Measuring Stick - Tyler Temple
      1-12-20pm - Tyler Temple
      1-5-20pm - Struggles Open Doors - Joey Glisson
      1-5-20am - Have A Happy New Year - John Dale
      12-29-19pm - What I Want To Be To Others - Joey Glisson
      12-15-19am - James 4 - Larry Harris
      12-8-19pm - The Seed - Part 2 - Joey Glisson
      12-1-19am - Mosas - Lindon Ferguson
      12-1-19pm - The Seed - Joey Glisson
      12-8-19am - Second Coming of Christ - Lindon Ferguson